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Practice Areas

Employment Law

The law governing the relationship of an employee to an employer, as distinguished from labour law, the law of unionized collective bargaining relationships.

Family Law

Family law is critical to most Canadians as it governs relationships between spouses, and between parents and their children.

Civil Litigation

Civil litigation is appropriate in circumstances where arbitration, mediation, and other forms of informal dispute resolution are ineffective.

Wills & Estates

If you do not have an excellent will in place, your family could be faced with legal issues. Palombi Legal Office can help make your estate planning easy.

Criminal Law

Accused of a criminal offence? Palombi Legal Office can help protect you and help you understand what rights are available for you.

Contract Law

A contract is an oral or written agreement between two or more parties. The law of contracts is confined to promises that the law will enforce.


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