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Mark Palombi

Mark Palombi

I have had the opportunity at conducting and participating in several Criminal trials, Quasi-Criminal Trials and Bail Hearings. These appearances have allowed me to develop strong skills in Cross-Examination and Submissions in front of Justices and Justices of the Peace. I have appeared in the Provincial Offences Court, Ontario Court of Justice and Superior Court of Justice. I have also appeared before the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, the Landlord and Tenant Board and various forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution.

I have been able to adapt my skillset to allow me to think quickly and fluidly on my feet during these particular matters. These experiences have helped me develop into a strong oral and written communicator. While performing these tasks as a lawyer you must be able to clearly state your position, defend your position and ultimately look to influence a decision maker into buying into your argument and position. It has also allowed me to develop relationship building skills that are required to achieve the goals and outcomes that are being sought on behalf of a client.

Prior to my legal career I graduated with Honours from the Laurentian University Bachelor of Business Program with a specialization in Human Resources. I have carried that interest into my legal career with a specific focus on employment law. I have been able to assist clients both from an employer and employee perspective. Specifically I am well versed in contract language and negotiation, collective agreement disputes, terminations and discipline. I have kept myself well apprised of relevant employment laws and Human Rights law of Ontario and Canada. I have also had occasion to offer policy preparation, strategy and counsel to clients in relation to these specific areas.

As a lawyer an important function and task of the job is to research and continuously update your knowledge and skillset. I am confident that I can properly asses any problem placed in front of me and find the appropriate solution.


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